Olino Construction 

Construction & Maintenance: Commercial Building

Condo/Office Towers

Montreal Region : Downtown & West of the Island

RBQ License: 5828-7079-01

Offered services

Our Process in 6 steps

1- Determine your needs

Get to know your goals and needs.

Honest conversations - finding out what's most important to you and clearly explaining your expectations - that's where it all starts.

2- Design and choice of materials

We will offer you implementation options while determining the pros and cons.

We offer you recommendations, the final decision is up to you. With intentional design and clear communication, our team works in sync with a shared vision.

3- Conclusion of contract

Decision making on the final design of the project. A final quotation will be sent including all relevant information.

4- Planning and project management

Every successful project starts with good planning and project management.

Request permits, if required, from the City; coordinate the availability of our team and any stakeholders in the project; order the materials required to avoid any delay in work following a restocking; keep you informed of the current status and follow up on the progress of the work;

Respect deadlines and initial budget

5- During the works

Prepare and protect work spaces

Ensure continuity of use of spaces during work

Ensure the safety of users, workers during work

Keep work space clean and store our equipment safely

Stay in communication with you to clarify any extraordinary situations

6- Delivery of the project and end of works

Compléter les dernières retouche de finition de facon minitieuse

Faire des test, si requis, et compléter toute déficience

Effectuer un tour avec vous pour nous assurer que la livraison finale est à la hauteur de vos attentes

Nous demeurons en contact pour toute demande d'information ou de support après 

Contact us to discuss your project

Email: olinoconstruction@gmail.com 

Tel : 514-552-4018